Youthful Face from Purenique, Hawkhurst

Let’s face the future together, put your skin first every month with our Monthly Subscription and never miss that appointment for you again.

One 75 minute Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment per month

Tailored to your needs, no surprise add ons or confusing menu, meeting your skins needs in real time.

Membership Perks

·         - Initial Skin consultation and Skin profiling so the we can tailor your facials to you

·         - One 75 minute Anti-Ageing treatment per month every month

·         - One free upgrade every 3 months to our 90 minute Purenique Ultimate facial or Ultra Anti-Ageing Caci facial.

·         - 10% off Retail Purchases

·         - Access to Exclusive Events

Treatments typically include one or more of the following:

-          Eve Taylor tailored Age Resist Facial

-          CACI non-surgical face lift

-          Advanced serums to target specific concerns

-          Professional Anti-Ageing Masks

-          Exfoliation

-          Microdermabrasion

-          Galvanic rollers

-          Massage of the face, neck, shoulders and around the eyes

-          Microdermabrasion

Always free of:

-          Animal testing

-          Injections

-          Lasers

-          Cosmetic Filers

-          Botox

Purenique Terms and Conditions

All Memberships the details:

-          Treatments are subject to normal salon availability: members receive no priority for available appointment slots and no guarantee of availability is made.

-          Want to upgrade? No problem just pay the difference between your monthly subscription and the listed price of the desired upgraded service. Please note service must be of the similar treatment, e.g. upgrading a skin glow to a dermogenera skin peel anti-ageing treatment.

-          We will endeavour to book your treatment with your choice of therapist, but we reserve the right to allocate another therapist to fulfil this service if operational requirements dictate that we should.  We will inform you of any changes as soon as possible.

-          With our Unlimited Memberships though the number of lash or brows services is unlimited, we reserve the right to refuse service if we feel it is a) unnecessary, b) potentially damaging to your lashes and brows or c) against manufacturer’s instructions, accepted industry practice or the terms of our liability insurance. Typically  lash and brow tinting, LVL or henna brow treatment cannot be performed more frequently than four weeks as this will damage the hairs, eyelash extensions full sets are limited to once every six weeks.

-          You can book your Treatments up to one calendar year ahead.

-          Loyalty Schemes cannot be used in conjunction with memberships or subscriptions and will you not accumulate points on these schemes.

-          These points form part of the terms and conditions for full details see the full Terms and Conditions of your agreement.


Purenique Membership Terms and Conditions

·          ‘The Company’ Purenique Ltd will also be referred to in this agreement as ‘Purenique’, ‘we’ and ‘us’.

·         The purchaser of the membership is referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the member’

·         If the membership is purchased as a gift, payments terms are applicable to the purchaser, terms and conditions of the membership and services are applicable to the member


·         This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales, a copy of this agreement and terms and conditions of the membership will be emailed to you for your reference.

·         The membership agreement term is 12 months unless otherwise stated under “cancellation”

·         The membership is available to all customers over the age of 18

·         The Company reserves the right to restrict the number of memberships available

·         Additional services and purchases will be charge at our normal rate as advertised, upgraded services will be charged at the difference in rate to your monthly membership fee.


·         All services under the membership will be subject to a satisfactory consultation and medical form ensuring you are suitable for the treatment.

·         Under no circumstances will any service be performed if the appropriate patch test or consultation has not been carried out in accordance with our policies.

·         48 hour cancellation policy applies to all services booked, failure to turn up to an appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the listed price of the treatment.

·         Membership is non-transferrable, all products and services are entitled to the member only.

·         Memberships cannot be extended and will start from the day of the first payment from the member and end after the 12 month period following the first payment.


  • By purchasing the monthly membership you are agreeing to The Company’s’ terms and conditions which will be emailed to your following your sign up.
  • Payments are collected automatically on sign up and then every month after.
  • Payment Details are submitted through which are immediately tokenised and stored in the secure platform Stripe.
  • Cancellation of payments without written notice or following the ‘cancellation policy’ will result in immediate membership cancellation and any outstanding monies due after services received will be paid in full of the advertised price of each service.
  • Overdue payments will be required to be paid within 14 days
  • In the event of a payment default all salons services will be denied until the full amount outstanding is paid.
  • For overdue payments you agree that full payment of the annual membership fee will be paid to the company immediately, and give the company permission to use your card details through Stripe secure payment facility to recover the full membership.
  • Should the Company be obliged to institute legal proceedings against the Member arising from breach of the terms of this Membership Agreement, including but in no way limited to their failure to pay any amount due by the due date, the Member acknowledges that they shall be liable for all tracing fees, collection commission and legal costs as may be allowed by the Court.
  • The Company may disclose personal particulars contained in the Membership Agreement to a credit reference agency or any other party necessary in obtaining settlement of arrears.
  • Monthly payments are due regardless of the amount of services you have received.


·         You may cancel your membership within your 14 day cooling off period without any reason.

·         If you have had any services or products in the first 14 days you will be required to pay the amount in full of the advertised price or the difference between your first monthly payment and the cost of services or goods sold. If this amount used in the first 14 days is less than your monthly payment you will be refunded the difference in purenique service vouchers to be redeemed within six months of issue.

·         This is not a credit agreement you may cancel your membership at any time during the 12 month period.

·         One Months’ written notice is required to cancel your membership

·         Failure to give one months’ notice will incur an administration fee of £50

·         To cancel your membership email

·         Do not cancel your Payments before informing us you wish to cancel, a £50 administration fee will be charged if you have not informed us in writing with one months’ notice.

·         Upon cancelling your membership if the amount of services and goods received is less than your monthly payment no refund will be made to you by the company.

·         The company reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time if no services or products have been used in the month of cancellation that months’ payment will be refunded.

·         The company reserves the right to refuse any treatment or product based on grounds of unsuitability to the client.

·         The company reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time due to abuse of the membership benefits either real or perceived, you will be charged for services and products received at the list price if this amount differs from your monthly payment.

·         We reserve the right to use your Payment details to recover any amount owing to the company.



Purenique Ltd reserves the right to amend, change or cancel the membership and its terms and conditions at any time, you will be notified via email of any changes.

If you do not agree to any changes in terms and conditions you must let us know in writing to and give us notice of your cancellation as per our cancellation terms.

Automatic Renewal

·         All memberships are automatically renewed after the 12 month period

·         You will be notified via email of this renewal and any changes to the membership fee one month prior to the renewal date

·         You are required to give two weeks written notice if you do not wish to renew, failure to give notice the member agrees that the membership will be automatically renewed for a further 12 month period.

·         If you have any disputes over membership renewal you will be required to show proof of cancellation to the company with 14 days after renewal.


·         You agree to receiving communication from Purenique via email or telephone relating to your membership and any changes to the terms and conditions.

·         You agree to receiving email and SMS appointment reminders from the company

·         You agree to inform us of any changes to personal details including changes to card details where payments are made, contact details, and any changes to your medical history.

·         You may opt out of receiving email and SMS communication from the company, the company will not be held responsible for any loss incurred by you if any relevant communication was not received.

·         All communications sent to you by the company will be assumed to have been received.


·         For any queries or complaints please direct them to the salon manager who can be contacted via email or you can call the salon on 01580753383 and the manager will get back to you as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

Force Majeure

·         A Force Majeure Event is defined as an unforeseeable event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Purenique Ltd that impedes the company from performing one or more of its contractual obligations under the contract.

Including but not limited to epidemics, pandemics or diseases, industrial disputes (whether involving Purenique or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors.

·         We shall not be liable to you as a result of any failure to perform our obligations under this agreement as a result of a Force Majeure Event.

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